CC Valentimes Weekend Scavenger Hunt & Sale! (2/14 - 2/17)

CC Valentimes Weekend Scavenger Hunt & Sale! (2/14 - 2/17)

CC Valentimes Weekend Scavenger Hunt & Sale! (2/14 - 2/17)

Where - CC Parkville - HQ & CC Bel Air - Outpost Locations.

When : Thursday - 2/14 - Sunday 2/17 (Sales)

Scavenger Hunt - Saturday 2/16 11AM

We love each and every one of you, and we are going to show you how much with the Collectors Corner "Valentines Day Sale & Scavenger Hunt" at all three Collectors Corner Locations.

SCAVENGER HUNT : Saturday 2/16 at Both CC Parkville & CC Bel Air Locations

14 Random Valentine's Cards & 1 Heart Shaped Candy BOX will be hidden at each store, each with it's own prize named inside you can claim at the counter. Come in when we open at 11AM at CC Parkville & CC Bel Air and start hunting for your change to win awesome prizes! Search & Find the heart-shaped Candy Filled Tin with a $50 CC Store Gift Card Inside!

(Limit 1 Prize per customer. Once you find a Valentine, turn it in, and make sure to the keep the locations of any other Valentine's secret!)

The Scavenger Hunt Begins Saturday morning as soon as the doors open at Each Location.

Sales - Wednesday 2/14 - 2/17

Back Issues + Toys On Sale! (2/14 - 2/17)

Back Issues Sale Continues during Valentimes Weekend Sale and Gets Bigger Now with Fill A Box Deals!

25% Off ALL Action Figures, Funko, Toys & Statues Dated within 14 Days.

40% Off ALL Action Figures, Toys & Statues Not Dated within 14 Days.


CC Bel Air - Outpost & CC Parkville HQ


ALL PRICED Back Issues in our Back Issues Vault at Collectors Corner Parkville - HQ and our 2 Bins Below POSTERS at CC Bel Air will be $1 Each or 15 for $10.

NOW you can FILL A LONG BOX for $125.00

2 LONG BOXES for $200.00

15+ New Long Boxes Added, Alphabetized 1970's - 1980's MARVEL & DC

ADDED 2/14/19

Excludes Only Magazine Back Issues, Graphic Novels and Sets & Variant Covers with Variant Cover or Cover Variant Sticker.

Every Back Issue in our Back Issues Vault (PARKVILLE) and Back Issue Priced Bins at CC Bel Air regardless of Marked Price will be $1.00 or 15 for $10.00

that's Right Even Comics with a Sticker Price of $5, $10, $20, $30 or more....

Bel Air & Parkville

ALL $1.00 Comics in Dollar Bins will be 25 Cents Each or 5 for $1.00

Fill a Short Box for $20.00 or 3 for $50

Fill a Long Box for $35.00 or 3 for $100

Over 12,000+ New $1.00 Comics Added to our Dollar Bins Up Front by the Register at Parkville and in our $1 Bins in the Center of our Second Room at CC Bel Air.


+ Our Showcase and Recent Arrivals in front of and beside the ShowCase (PARKVILLE) will be On Sale (New Collections Arriving Weekly)

*25% Off ALL Bagged and Boarded Back Issues Dated within 14 Days.

*50% Off ALL Bagged and Boarded Back Issues Not Dated within 14 Days.


*80% Off ALL Bagged and Boarded Variant Covers Not Dated within 14 Days with Cover Variant or Variant Cover Sticker Priced $11.99 or Higher.

*Excludes Subscription Box, Subscribed Titles and Special Orders, Pre-orders, Items on Hold, Candy, Snacks & Refreshments, All Sealed Trading Card Game Products - Magic the Gathering, YuGiOh, Pokemon, etc, All Collecting Supplies & Accessories for Comics and Gaming, Dice, Playmats, Maps, Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens, Pinback Buttons, Keychains, Lanyards, Stickers, Posters PLUS any and all New & Vintage/Used Merchandise or Restocked Items Dated on Price Sticker Within 14 days of Arrival in Store.

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